Kevin was born to be an artist. As a young child, Kevin was fascinated by animated cartoons, from which he developed a passion for art and storytelling. In middle school, he tried to begin a small business selling comic strips, at 25 cents a pop (a minimally profitable venture to say the least). Growing up, Kevin became more coordinated and became temporarily distracted from his artistic endeavors by sports and girls. In college he followed his dad’s footsteps and majored in architecture. As the years went by his love for architecture grew, but still something was missing. During his junior year, while strolling along the magazine section in a Barnes and Noble, Kevin happened upon a magazine that advertised 3d art. After reading it cover to cover, animation had found its way back into Kevin’s life. After finishing his bachelor’s degree in Architecture, he attended Vancouver Film School to study digital character animation. It was there that Kevin realized his true passion for animation and digital modeling.

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